What we do and more

We offer IT services to organizations with no IT or limited IT Staff. We have the ability to strengthen IT departments of businesses that have limited or less experienced staff by augmenting their team with our team of expert IT personnel. We also have the capacity to fully handle IT departments of businesses through our outsourced solutions which come at a reduced cost to the company. We provide free consultation as part of our outsource services.

    • Supply of Computers, storage devices, backup devices and servers
    • Supply of Office Equipment and accessories
    • Supply of Network Equipment
    • Supply of Surveillance equipment
    • Outsourced IT services
    • Installation and servicing of Computers and servers
    • Installation and servicing of Photocopiers, high-end printers and other office equipment
    • LAN and WLAN Network deployment
    • Virtual private network deployment
    • Installation, management and maintenance of Surveillance systems (CCTV) equipment with a network video recorder(NVR), digital video recorder(DVR)
  • Our Advanced Professional Services comprise the following:

    • Server Consolidation and Virtualization (Hyper-V and VMWare V sphere) Consultation
    • Storage Optimization and Consolidation
    • MS Active Directory, MS Exchange and MS SharePoint Design and Implementation
    • Desktop Virtualization (Dell, Questv Workspace, VMWare View, Citrix)
    • Subnet systems range of services includes tailored solutions for businesses. With our End-User and or Client Desktop Deployment Consultation, our team of professionals provides expert advice to customers, supporting them through selection, deployment and maintenance of their equipment and processes.Ultimately, our goal is to provide the entire scope of lifecycle management services for end-user systems.
    • Small Business and Enterprise Desktops
    • Business and Enterprise Notebook Computers
    • Workstations (HP and Dell)
    • Microsoft Windows Based Tablets PCs
    • Our Data Centre Service comes as components of a data center solution. This includes Physical Data Centre Structure, Active Data Centre equipment, and Advanced Professional Services.

      • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
      • Physical Access Control Systems (Biometric, Facial and Card Based)
      • Closed Circuit TV Systems (IP Based)
      • Access Floors and Ceilings
      • Environmental Monitoring Systems
      • Structured Cabling Systems
    • We offer the following Active Data Centre Equipment for existing data centre structure :

      • Servers Storage (NAS, SAN, iSCSI) Disk,
      • Virtual Tape Library and Tape Based Backup
      • Network Equipment
      • Routers
      • Switches
      • Firewall and Intrusion detection and prevention systems
      • Load balancers
      • Power Systems
      • UPS
      • Automatic Voltage Regulator
      • Cooling Systems
      • In Row Cooling System
      • In Room Cooling Systems
    • We are working on a variety of storage solutions to meet specific market needs. This service will focus on small, medium-sized and large organizations. While the solutions offered generally would be the same, the service will vary depending on market segment, complexity, and features required.

      • Network Attached Storage
      • Storage Area Network
      • Disk-Based Backup
      • Tape-based backup
      • Storage Replication and Disaster Recovery
      • Storage Integration in virtualization technologies
      • Storage Integration for MS SQL Server and Exchange.
    • One of our core businesses is the provision of local area network (LAN) services. We partner with WAN service providers if the service requires the integration of LAN and WAN. We also provide network consulting services on active systems and structured cabling (Fibre and Copper). This covers design and implementation of LAN.

      The service portfolio includes consulting for the implementation of the following:

      • Firewalls
      • Load balancers
      • Routers
      • Switches
      • Intrusion Prevention Device

      Build better business quicker with Subnet Systems

      Planning, designing and implementation of computer networks is our specialty. We offer existing computer network restructuring, data center implementation as well as infrastructural planning.


      We Deliver

      We are committed to understanding our clients' special needs and tailoring solutions to fit those needs. This is why creativity and innovation are at the centre of every product and service we offer.