We aim to be the best IT company providing solutions to most technical issues

  • To exceed our clients’ expectations by providing cutting-edge technology and quality IT solutions and consultancy that enhances business performance and improves overall productivity. High-quality products and services, timely and superior technical support, and quality customer service.

  • To be competitive, market-oriented, profitable and reliable organization that delivers exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders. Also, to become a reference point for IT solution provider in Ghana as well as the whole west Africa and beyond.

  • To leverage on focused sales, marketing and innovative technical proposals supported by timely, efficient and effective internal processes aimed at delivering high customer service levels and customer expectations.

  • Our ultimate pride is a happy and satisfied customer. We understand that our success is directly linked to delivering excellent results for our customers. That is the reason why our Customer Service department is focused on the dynamic needs of the environment and the changing needs of our clients, especially as their operations become more complex.

    • Responsive
    • Excellence
    • Teamwork
    • Commitment
    • Customer focus
    • Support

    Why choose Subnet Systems?

    We are committed to understanding our clients' special needs and tailoring solutions to fit those needs. This is why creativity and innovation are at the centre of every product and service we offer. Our clients can be assured of whatever their IT requirements are, we will find a better solution and provide them with exceptional service delivery.



    • Supply of Computers, storage devices, backup devices and servers
    • Supply of Office Equipment and accessories
    • Supply of network Equipment
    • Supply of Surveillance equipment


    • Outsourced IT services
    • Installation and servicing of Computers and servers
    • Installation and servicing of Photocopiers, high end printers and other office equipment
    • LAN and WLAN Network deployment
    • Virtual private network deployment
    • Installation, management and maintenance of Surveillance systems (CCTV) equipment with network video recorder(NVR), digital video recorder(DVR)


    • Network Attached Storage
    • Storage Area Network
    • Disk-Based Backup
    • Tape-based backup
    • Storage Replication and Disaster Recovery
    • Storage Integration in virtualization technologies
    • Storage Integration for MS SQL Server and Exchange